About us

 Meco Corporation is comprised of three parts: Meco Contract Manufacturing, OneFire Grills and Meco Furniture.

Leading by example: 

“Success is not what you achieve, it’s how you achieve
it, and that‘s a tremendous part of Meco,” said Mark Proffitt,
president of Meco Corporation. “By focusing on providing a
quality product and service, by finding value in every
customer review--positive and negative--and by being a
good citizen within the community, that is how we succeed.”
Our mission statement: 

At Meco our mission is to honor our customers’ needs by
emphasizing service, a commitment to the quality of our
products and the creation of an environment in which our
employees share in our growth in order to offer a reasonable
return to our owner.

    Our values and priciples:

     Quality and Service: The essence of our success is to strive to 
continually improve quality of our products and the quality of our
service to our customers.

     People: Working with each other, sharing ideas and skills and 
stressing teamwork in all our endeavors must guide our efforts.

     Civic and Business Integrity: Meco will conduct its affairs in 
such a manner so as to be a good citizen within the community,
fair and equal employer and a respected manufacturer with its

Social Responsibility
A few of the local chapter organizations we have supported and continue to support are: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Boy Scouts,
Children's Homes, City and County School Systems,
Food Bank, Junior Achievement, National MS Society, United Way, and
various institutions of higher education.